🎱Aelin Pools

Aelin Pools are best suited for protocols that don't have set deal terms yet, but are gauging investor interest. This type of pool is ideal for sponsors using Aelin to source a future deal, as it allows them to collect data and feedback from investors without committing to anything. Aelin Pools are most similar to SPACs in terms of their purpose and structure.

Example of an Aelin Pool as a Protocol

  1. A protocol is looking to raise $5-15 million for an upcoming pool, and they're not sure what investor interest will be like. Because of this, they've decided to use an Aelin Pool to gauge investor interest before deciding on exact deal terms.

  2. The protocol will then go to app.aelin.xyz, click "Create Deal," and fill out the input fields.

3. Using the Aelin pool/deal creation tool, the protocol will input all specified pool terms into the app.

4. Confirm that all pool terms are correct and finalize the creation of the Aelin Pool

5. Once investors have deposited investment tokens, the protocol can gauge investor interest and decide the overall valuation for the presented deal and exchange rate for deal tokens to investment tokens. The overall deal will then be presented to users.

6. Now that the deal has been presented to users, they will decide to accept or decline. If they accept, the protocol will receive those investment tokens from users, if they decline, users will receive a refund.

7. The protocol can now collect the investment tokens for the pool.

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