Aelin Direct Deal

Aelin Direct Deals are an excellent option for new and established protocols looking to raise capital from investors at pre-established deal terms. Aelin Deals allow for customizable features, such as a defined vesting period and a vesting cliff.

Example of an Aelin Direct Deal

  1. 1.
    A protocol is seeking to raise $5 million for its upcoming launch. They're decided each one of their protocol tokens will be sold for 150 USDC ($150) on a 1-year vesting schedule after a 6-month cliff.
  2. 2.
    The protocol will then go to and clicks "Create Deal"
3. Using the Aelin pool/deal creation tool, the protocol will input all specified deal terms into the app.
4. Confirm that all deal terms are correct and finalize the creation of the Aelin Direct Deal. After this, the protocol is instructed to deposit the deal tokens, which will be later exchanged for investment tokens.
5. That's it; you're almost done. Now the protocol will wait until investments flow in. Once the deal is complete, investment tokens will be exchanged for deal tokens, and vesting will begin.
6. The protocol can now collect the investment tokens for the pool.