1️Join a Pool

As an INVESTOR (aka USER), head over to All Pools and look for a Pool you'd like to join, make sure you understand and review all the details of the pool. You'll find a description of each term in the Key Terms section.

Private pools are reserved for an allow list of addresses with specified investment amounts.

Once you found a Pool you'd like to join, review all the details related to that Pool, choose the amount you will want to invest / contribute to this Pool

Before you deposit your tokens, the pool needs your permission to transfer investment tokens from your wallet to the pool. Click "Approve" and then you'll be able to deposit your tokens into the pool.

Once you've approved the transaction, you'll be able to deposit your tokens.After a couple of minutes, you'll notice "My Pool Balance" will reflect your contribution!

Now all you have to do is wait until the Purchase Locked Duration is finalized. The sponsor can now create a deal and you'll have the choice to accept it or not.

If SPONSOR never finds a deal this is the end of Pool and the INVESTOR can retrieve their investment tokens at the end of the Pool Locked Duration

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