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vAelin Distribution

SNX Stakers on both L1 and L2 are eligible for vAELIN distribution.
Details about the distribution can be found in AELIP-3 & Distribution logic
Using the Claim AELIN page you can check your allocation and process your claims. You will be able to redeem/vest vAELIN for AELIN tokens in near future, once the contracts are live.
Upon vesting your $vAELIN you may notice that 2% of $vAELIN is paid as fee during redemption (this is fixed for every Deal in AELIN), so someone with 1 $vAELIN will end up with 0.98 $AELIN. This has been accounted for in the funding of the deal
Steps to follow:
After the deal is done there will be a 26 day linear vesting period