2️Create a Deal

After the end of the Purchase Period, the SPONSOR must arrange a Deal with HOLDER, and later input those details into the Create Deal Form.

Be aware that INVESTORs can still withdraw their funds from the Pool, basically rejecting the deal

Below is the link to your pool page before a deal has been presented. When you hit "Create Deal" you'll be lead down a path to creating your deal which will be presented to your investors.

Deal Token - Copy and paste the token's address that you’re presenting as a deal to the pool here.

Total Purchase Amount- This is the number of investment tokens eligible for the deal being presented. You have two choices, either max or deallocate.

  1. All - All investment tokens will be exchanged for deal tokens. No one will be deallocated.

  2. Partial - Only a certain number (that you select) of investment tokens will be exchanged for deal tokens. Everyone is deallocated the same amount as everyone else, no one person will be in a worse position than others.

    1. Example - 10M of capital trying to fund 5M worth of deal tokens, so everyone is scaled back. Everyone will receive half of their expected deal tokens, and 5M will be returned.

Deal Token Total - Total amount of deal tokens (whatever token you’re presenting) that are being distributed. This determines the exchange rate between purchase tokens (investment token) and deal tokens.

Example: 100,000 USDC (Purchase Token) being used to buy 1 AELIN = 100,000 USDC / Aelin

Vesting Cliff - Tokens will not begin vesting until the end of the vesting cliff.

Vesting Period (Linear) - This is how long after the cliff (if applicable), tokens will vest. They will be unlocked linearly over this time.

Round 1: Pro-Rata Period - This is where investors will confirm their allocation of the pool. We recommend giving investors enough time to ensure they can confirm their allocation.

Round 2: Open Period - Everyone who maxed out their allocation in the Pro-Rata period is eligible to buy any remaining tokens with any leftover investment tokens they have not withdrawn. Note: This period is based on first-come, first-serve.

Funding Deadline - Amount of time the holder will have to fund the deal once it is accepted

Holder Address - Address of the deal token holder depositing the tokens and exchanging investment tokens for deal tokens.

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