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Key Terms

the entity or individual raising capital to pursue a deal
the entity or individual providing capital in exchange for a possible investment opportunity
the entity or individual seeking capital in exchange for an underlying deal token they hold
First stage of the process where a SPONSOR invites INVESTORS to join a Pool of capital to pursue a Deal with a HOLDER
Second stage of the process where the SPONSOR sets the parameters of the Deal (negotiated with the HOLDER) and users can then either Accept or Reject the deal offered to the Pool / INVESTORS
Pool Name
used as part of the name of the ERC20 pool and deal token
Pool Symbol
used as part of the symbol of the ERC20 pool and deal token
Investment Currency
the investment currency used to buy the pool token
Pool Token (aka investment Token)
the token you receive after you invest into a Pool
Investment Token Cap / CAP
the max amount of investment tokens that can be used to buy pool tokens. if set to 0 the Pool is uncapped
Investment Expiration (aka Pool Duration)
the amount of time an investor has to buy a pool token before the sponsor can create the deal
Pool Locked Duration (aka Pool Unlocks)
the duration of the pool which starts after the investment expiry period ends during which investor funds are locked in the pool. If no deal is created by the end of the duration, the investor may withdraw their funds
Pool Privacy
If it is a public pool, anyone with an internet connection, aka the investor, can contribute funds (e.g. sUSD) to the pool during the investment expiry period; after the investment expiry period, the funds are locked for a time duration period while the sponsor searches for a deal. Private pools are reserved for an allow list of addresses with specified investment amounts.
Sponsor Fee
an optional fee from the sponsor set between 0 and 98%
Total Contributions
the total amount of contributions already in the Pool
Pool Open
Seeking Deal
Funding Deal
Deal Reset
My $TOKEN Balance
Your available balance of $TOKEN in your wallet
My Pool Balance
Your available balance of Pool Tokens in your wallet
Underlying Deal Token
The token that a invester will end up with at the end of the deal if they accept the terms, after an optional vesting period
Pro Rata Redemption
The pro rata redemption period is when a invester has the opportunity to max out their allocation for the deal
Open Redemption
The open redemption period is for investers who have maxxed their allocation in the pro rata round