• What is Aelin?
Aelin is a protocol that enables the decentralization of the fundraising process. Instead of having to rely on a VC to fund your project and potentially not align with your community and goals, you can sell directly to your community and still see your protocol goals comes to fruition.
  • What is vAELIN? How do I convert my vAELIN to AELIN? (Include vesting)
vAELIN is a 1:1 representation of AELIN tokens that were distributed to SNX Stakers. You'll be charged a 2% protocol level fee to convert, which has been charged to everyone.
  • How is AELIN Goverened? What is an AELIP?
Aelin is goverened through a representative system where token holders elect the Aelin Council members who decide protocol level decisions.
An AELIP is a Aelin Improvement Proposal which documents a potential change to the Aelin Protocol. Anyone is able to write one and the Aelin Council decides by majority
  • What is an Aelin Pool & How does it work?
An Aelin Pool is the first stage of the deal flow process where a SPONSOR invites INVESTORS to join a Pool of capital to pursue a fundraising deal.
Please read the INVESTOR GUIDE in our docs to learn more about the deal flow process →
  • Does Aelin Protocol endorse any particular Aelin Pool?
Aelin does not endorse any particular pool.
Anybody, including malicious actors, can create a pool because Aelin is a decentralized protocol. Users are advised to do their own research and are generally expected to have some familiarity with a pool sponsor before depositing.
Community information about available pools are available and likewise not endorsed by Aelin.
  • Can't a sponsor just run away with my funds?
Due to the design of AELIN, this isn’t possible. The deal sponsor never has access to your funds. They can present a deal to you, and if you decline it, your original ERC-20 will be returned to you.
Note that it is possible a sponsor will offer you a seed-stage deal for a token that has no real project backing it, thereby stealing your funds by scamming you only if you accept the deal. It is important to DYOR when accepting deals and investing in early-stage tokens. Larger OTC deals with established protocols do not face the same risk.
  • What happens when a sponsor doesn't present a deal?
An investor will be able to withdraw their tokens once the deal deadline has concluded.
  • What if I don't like the sponsor's deal?
You can decline the deal and you aren't charged any fees.
  • When do I get charged a fee for using Aelin?
If you accept a deal you are charged two fees. One fee is the protocol level fee of 2% which is charged to every deal completed on Aelin, the other fee is a Sponsor Fee, which is specified by the sponsor.